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The Wall of Floating Bricks

This beautiful house was designed by Pitsou Kedem. He reached out to us to create 3 facades for this house - each being a wall of bricks with wide openings, creating striking light and shadow architecture.

While it may seem simple, this is a real engineering challenge: the house is located near the sea where it’s exposed to strong wind. Creating a robust wall with large openings required clever structural planning & design.

Eran Carmi Floating Brick Wall Project

Pitsou is a detailed oriented architect that strives for perfection. That’s why the appearance of the wall had to be flawless - no supporting elements were allowed to be visible on the outside - and the bricks had to appear as if they are holding each other in thin air.

Our Swiss engineering team that works with us on all our projects, ZPF Ingenieure AG / Sali Sadikaj, designed a sophisticated structure for the wall, with hidden stainless steel polls cutting through the bricks. The bricks themselves were custom-made by us to match the size, color, texture, and structure, according to Pitsou’s vision.

The result is a beautiful, clean and unified facade that’s a true showstopper. We’re very proud of the result and happy to share some of the work behind the scenes.


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