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We provide architects, designers, artists and individuals with bespoke solutions for the most complex, imaginative and unique requirements.

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Researching and developing innovative materials in our lab

We research and develop cutting-edge materials with new properties, create novel material combinations, and manufacture the most complex and innovative structures in the world. We work with unusual and non-standard versions of premium materials made of metal, stone, wood, glass, and others. Our engineering division provides professional and diverse solutions in the fields of design, architecture and 3D printing. The result is innovative materials, novel material combinations, and engineering structures with new properties on ‘the edge of what’s possible.

High-end manufacturing and installation

We use the most suitable manufacturing method to deliver exceptional tailor-made results, from advanced technologies such as 3D printing to traditional stone masonry techniques. Together with the best consultants around the globe, we have replaced heavy and industrial mechanization with advanced research technologies. Our equipment is at the forefront of the technological world, such as multi-axis CNC systems, water jet cutting systems, various laser systems, computerized pantographs, advanced robotics systems, and 3D printing systems working with various materials.

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Working side by side with leading global institutes and partners

Thanks to our longstanding relationships and partnerships through the years with the world's leading engineering, R&D and materials advisors, we are able to offer unique solutions and manufacture them in leading facilities around the world. We maintain continuous contact with a variety of research factors in the world, such as universities, research institutes, laboratories, leading factories, and more, in order to achieve high-quality development in the fields of design and architecture.

Our passion is the challenge of creating unconventional solutions. The more complex and seemingly impractical the project, the more excited our team is about developing a workable solution and making it possible.

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