Shahaf 3d printing


In recent years, we have devoted growing resources to the field of 3D printing, which is constantly evolving in the field of design and architecture.

Until a few years ago, 3D printing technology served us only in the field of research and development, in the construction of a primary mockup product or in the construction of rapid templates for product developments. However, in recent years we have been practically printing the final product.

Past limitations drop thanks to the breakthrough in the 3D printing technologies we develop and implement.

Alongside highly complex and unique plastic materials, we also operate in materials such as concrete of all kinds, metals including aluminum, clay, porcelain, and wood compounds.

We work in collaboration with the best 3D printing manufacturers in the world, presenting needs that we have learned over the years and offering out-of-the-box solutions.

Shahaf 3D printing
Shahaf 3D printing
Shahaf 3D printing