Shahaf production


After developing the solution and adapting it to the customer's needs in terms of manufacturing processes while emphasizing the engineering aspects - we move to production.

Our production capabilities are advanced, including the ability to work with high-quality materials leading to a perfect finish.

Shahaf's stone factories are of three generations. Over the years we have simultaneously developed expertise in other materials such as various metals, unique metal alloys, different kinds of wood, and we are open to research, study and produce any material.

Shahaf production

During many years of manufacturing activity, we have created professional partnership and friendship with the world's leading manufacturers, each manufacturer in its field is a pro, resulting in production and execution of the highest quality and in a short time.

Our professional logistical capabilities allow us to produce in many locations around the world so borders are not an obstacle.

The same strategic connections allow us to enter the factories themselves and thus we outline the research, development, and production methods in each factory in an accurate and fast manner to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

The vast collaborations we have created allow many factories around the world to learn from us and operate based on the research and experience we have accumulated at Shahaf over the years.