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That was our challenging and productive 2020

2020 was a very challenging year globally. A year that has forced all of us to a creative transcendence and significant elevation from our familiar comfort zone. Following the corona, the clear and familiar work processes had to be replaced with new and special maneuvers that ultimately resulted in unique projects and exciting connections.

The National Library in Jerusalem

We are proud of our joint work with Herzog and de Meuron from Switzerland in the mega-project of the National Library in Jerusalem with an area of ​​about 46,000 square meters, including 5 underground floors with an area of ​​about 29,300 square meters, and 7 upper floors with an area of ​​16,700 square meters.

Shahaf was selected to perform the flooring and cladding work. Also involved in the acoustic aspects of the project. This is a super complex project that requires perfect coordination between the many factors involved. The project is characterized by unique materials and elements, of the highest quality, which includes architectural concrete, woodwork, artistic plasterwork, various types of flooring, cladding, acoustic ceilings and more. Our work focuses on the research, development and production of basalt stone combinations with special glaze coatings in various shades and colors, which we developed in the laboratory for three years specifically for Herzog and de Meuron.

The National Library ערן כרמי
The National Library in Jerusalem

Basalt stones with glaze

Jerusalem Gateway

The Jerusalem Gateway is the flagship project of the State of Israel, which includes a unique and advanced district, which is a powerful meeting point between business, economic, public, cultural and academic centers. The district was built within an active, bustling and inviting public space, with the largest and most integrated transportation center in Israel at its heart.

Shahaf manages a fruitful collaboration with the architectural firms Miller Blum and Topotek from Berlin in the development, production and supply of unique cobblestone for the project. The stone was selected during our visit to Traco's dolomite quarries in Germany and we combined it with Israeli stone. The result is characterized by a super unique pattern and texture.

Jerusalem Gateway ערן כרמי
Jerusalem Gateway

Jerusalem Gateway ערן כרמי
Shahaf's CEO, Eran Carmi with Michal Yariv from Miller-Blum and Gil Ramer from Topotek

Stones from the dolomite quarries in Germany

Ken Kelleher

One of the special and exciting connections we had the privilege to manage this year is with the very special artistic collaboration with the international talented artist, Ken Kelleher. Ken's special sculptures are placed in many locations around the world, including the USA, Qatar, China and Indonesia.

We produce for Ken a variety of artistic sculptures combining different materials, Corten steel, stone and more, using advanced technologies that include, among other things, 3D prints and more.

Asterix - Ken Kelleher ערן כרמי
Asterix - Ken Kelleher

Metawell Metals

This year we signed a cooperation agreement with the German company Metawell, which specializes in the production of metals and types of aluminum that excel in a special combination of rigidity on the one hand and low weight on the other, which allows advanced cutting and bending technics. The company provides quality services and products to the automotive, rail, aviation, and construction industries. Shahaf will collaborate with Metawell in the field of architecture and design.

Metawell ערן כרמי

Poesia Glass

In addition to Metawell, this year we signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian Poesia Glass factories. Poesia specializes in the production of special glass products and we are already working on our joint project together with the architectural firm "Orly Shrem", in which we install one of the most unique glass walls in the world weighing 70 tons.

Poesia Glass ערן כרמי
Poesia Glass

New 3D Robot acquisition

As part of Shahaf's development in the field of 3D printing, we purchased an advanced 3D robot that will join our production technologies during the first half of 2021.

Wishing all our friends and colleagues a very happy 2021 !!

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